Buyer's Services

Exchange Team Advantage, LLC (ETA) offers Buyer's Services as an extension of your company. We offer personal service and view ourselves, not as a vendor, but, as an employee of your company. We want you to be comfortable that the equipment or services you need are going to be provided with no hidden costs.

Having been "on both sides of the fence" as a dealer and as end-user's, ETA knows the frustration that buying used equipment can present. On-line auctions, while convenient, do not always provide you with the equipment detail that you may need. Photo's are presented with the most appealling view. Have you ever gone to view a piece of equipment from a seller only to find that it is not what you wanted or that there were flaws or functions that won't enable you to use it? We offer a solution to that, often, for less than it would cost for you to go or send someone. Contact us for information on how this makes economical sense for you.

Do you have equipment in need of repair or rebuild? Seeking a piece that requires that it will be installed and function with no worries but the budget does not allow for buying new? Our vast experience has allowed us to "weed through" a variety of rebuilder's and we can assist you in finding a reputable service technician or complete rebuild provider for a variety of equipment including filler's, capper's, unscrambler's, palletizer's, de-palletizer's, case packer's, and case erector's.

Are you looking for alternate supplier's of parts? We have relationships with several after-market supplier's of filling nozzles, capping chucks, rubber parts such as chuck rubbers, torque disc's, chute's, and chute-end's. We also know where to find used parts for emergency situations or for discontinued equipment.

We can identify the needs required for bottle and cap handling change parts and assist you in finding a reputable source to get you running. Our experience allows us to intelligently assist you in finding a solution to running those unique, hard to handle caps or containers as well as "normal" container changes.