Equipment Consignment

Exchange Team Advantage, LLC (ETA) provides you the opportunity to maximize the return on equipment you no longer need. We will list, market, and deal directly with prospective buyers relieving you of the burden. We offer listings for a percentage of sale, flat fee, or contract; contact us for information. 

With our extensive list of end-user's and dealers, we will put your equipment in front of those that can use it. If you want to be added to our distribution list so that you will be advised of newly available equipment, send us an e-mail with your contact information and we will be happy to add you.

To list your equipment, click the dropdown from the Consignment Equipment link that reads List Your Equipment and fill out the details on the form as complete as possible; please provide all known information, to include any known faults, missing parts, etc. We have found that honest disclosure of the condition of the equipment provides a fair assessment and eliminates any question, or conflict, of what to expect in appearance or performance. We want ALL buyer's to be comfortable in their decision to purchase equipment from our website. 

Inquire about our Buyer's Services; we work for both the buyer and the seller. With our experience in a wide range of equipment and our extensive sales experience, we can work with you to provide the information, photo's, etc. that will assist in selling your equipment.

ETA reserves the right to refuse listings. Reasons may include poor condition, identifying tags that may disclose the location and/or owner, deceitful listings.